So, it’s like….almost 100%

Sydney, Australia. Down under, throw a shrimp on the bah-bie, would ya, mate?

Home of the famous Opera house, the Harbour Bridge, vegemite, the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, the duckbilled platypus and soon, hubs, the longdogs and me.  It was surprisingly easy to say yes. Yes. To three years in Sydney.

Am I sad? Again, yes. But I find that I’ve been thinking of it in terms of going and not leaving. Does that make sense to anyone but me? Our much loved Candler Park home goes on the market in a few weeks (I have never loved a home more- kickass neighbors, caring and involved community and my garden-of-eden yard. The cabin will be sold or rented long term. I’ve got to write a resignation letter to my employer of fifteen years- and that breaks my heart a bit. But mostly, and never for a moment far from my mind is the blue funk I feel at leaving the day to day operations of DREAM ( and my role of Intake Coordinator. Rescue work has been the most profound experience in my 40 years of being, and I consider it my life’s work.

It’s very unlike me, this venture. I’ve not always been the most welcoming of change. The way I see it is this- I’m not escaping from anything. I’m not moving away from anything. This is an opportunity to move toward something- who knows what. But, it’s great, whatever it is…..I can just feel that. No one has better more supportive friends than I do, no one loves their life more than I do. All of that GOOD and that HAPPY really gives me the balls to FLY and DO and TRY. My beloved friends and family, you know who you are, and I hope you will follow our adventure to Oz via the blog (bear with me- I’m brand spanking new) email, facetime, facebook, Skype, and VISITS. Although hubs leaves in less than 2 weeks, I’m here until mid-August or September depending on Australian vetting requirements for the dogs…..don’t get me started on that- that’s another entry.

Sydney. Should be interesting.


2 thoughts on “So, it’s like….almost 100%

  1. Wow Ivy how exciting for you guys. What an opportunity and adventure that I’m sure you will make the most of. Good luck to you guys and keep us posted.

  2. Ivy, Entering Australia is not easy! Strick on everything! The plane ride is very long, go first class or If you can, break up the trip by stopping in Hawaii for a couple of days! Once you are in Sydney, you will love it! Australians say Melbourne is known for it’s sporting venues and restaurants and Sydney is known for cultural events! So happy for you! Someday I hope to return!

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