Whilst / How are you going / I’m meant to— Vocab 101

Things I will add to my vocabulary in the next 3 years……

“Whilst”- as in “while, during, in the time of….and also a conjunction, is synonymous with althoughwhereasbut or while (thank you, Wikipedia!) Used very often here in Sydney, even posted in public signage which leads me to believe that a passably educated vocabulary is the expectation here…(WOOT!) In context- “No phones whilst in line”….”Whilst boarding the ferry, mind the gap.”

“How are you going”- Used in place of “How are you?” and “How are you doing?” by all Australians. The appropriate response is- “Well, and you?” And bear in mind- it’s not a formality…they’ll tell you HOW they are(!) and expect the same from you. So open your ears and be prepared to hear about grandkids and “moving house” and the GST (and what a pain in the arse that has been…)

Things I have learned that my new peeps love (Sydneysiders, we are called….) coffee, wine, sport, cricket, rules, order, casualness (always first names) a view, the ocean, humour, independence, living green, nicknames, talking quickly and American telly. (I’m a smidge embarrassed to admit I have already located the channels on Foxtel that show Intervention, Hoarders, Toddlers and Tiaras, Hell’s Kitchen and Ellen. Also the Australian equivalent of HGTV. Listen, you can take the girl out of Georgia…….

Other things mastered on my first day of being a Sydneysider- the washer and dryer, getting to Military Road, connecting my ipod to the upstairs surround sound, making iced tea, working the electronic shades in the bedroom and consolidating our empty luggage. 

Tomorrow? Wi-fi installation appointment window from 7-noon. HA! Just like in the States…a ridiculous window of time waiting for the technician to come and give us internet! It’s Friday, though, and my first weekend as a resident here- very very strange, I’m not sure that it has hit me yet that I LIVE HERE, and am not just on vacation. 


I’m meant to- as in “I’m supposed to” or “I’m planning to” or even “I feel I should”  ….”I’m meant to go to Brisbane next week.” “I’m meant to say that the wine is bad for me, but I love it..” 




4 thoughts on “Whilst / How are you going / I’m meant to— Vocab 101

  1. I enjoyed your comments! This OLD Southern gal is learning a lot from you. It sounds like you’re acclimating well. Enjoy your adventure!!

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