In case you don’t speak Kiwi, that is New Zealand to you English speakers. My parents are visiting us from America, and we took off for Hobbit land for a week. Holy Crap. New Zealand is BEYOND words.


They have glaciers(!), rain forest, beaches, mountains, vast plains and sweeping vistas. I have to confess, I have a marvelous travel agent, so I didn’t do a lot of research before we went (I just trusted you, Alysha!) Anyhow, we got there, and I was blown away. Like, poof!!!


New Zealand is a land of only 4 million people. And most of them live in one of 5 cities. Did you know it’s made of 2 islands….the North and the South? As is fitting for me, we went to the South Island. We climbed Fox Glacier (“glay-see-er”) – with crampons and everything!!! – and then drove through the rain forest and walked on the beach….all on the same day. We drank from streams and fed fat happy ducks. Image

I had no idea that it would be so beautiful, so remote, so green and quiet. It was a feast for my soul to be there, I slept like a spanked baby everynight- deep and long.


One thing I know for sure is that we’ll be going back for more.




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