Bondi to Bronte coastal walk

Today was a gorgeous Sunday in Sydney, and as per the calendar, the first day of Spring. We woke up, made out with the dogs for a while and then took off for this hike that we’ve been meaning to take for a while now. There are about 30 of these amazing coastal walks, and our plan is to make a list, and tick them off- sooner rather than later.

Everyone has heard of Bondi, right? It’s an iconic beach. And for those of you who don’t know (and I surely didn’t before I moved here) it’s pronounced Bond-eye, not Bond-ee. It’s Hugh Jackman’s beach- the one where he typically surfs when he’s home.


It’s full of surfers, families, tourists, singletons, volleyball players, and of course the infamous Bondi LifeSavers. It’s really quite a busy bustling place and that might put off some people. BUT. I say, you can’t come to Sydney, and not spend a day at Bondi.

We trekked off to Bronte beach from there, which is more family friendly and has more of an intimate vibe. Here, as well as most (all??) beaches in New South Wales , you are strongly encouraged to stay “between the flags” as that is where the lifesavers have determined that the water / current / conditions are best for swimming and where they are able to patrol. If you swim outside of the flags, you’re on your own. Note, all surfers remain outside of the flags at all times. (I liken it to a skiers versus a snowboarders rivalry- of sorts.)  See the flags? They remind me of Germany a bit.Image

As we wove along the coast, we saw tidal pools, raging sea, and felt the wind at our backs. It was a gorgeous day- and right in our backyard. We still pinch ourselves.






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