Because more Bondi is never a bad thing…..

In Australia, there are “heaps” of beaches and heaps of bars (Heaps = tons.) Bars are also known as hotels….. I know, I know, it’s confusing. Apparently, back in the day, bars were required to have a number of rooms to house those who had imbibed a bit too much, and the name has stuck- thus the Kirribilli Hotel (BAR) and the Crowes Nest Hotel (BAR)….it’s part of the charm of Australia- and here, charm is in no short supply. More on this in future posts.


I came across some more pictures of Bondi- it’s a really lovely beach. Here, most people have a love / hate relationship with it. Many locals feel it’s way too touristy and avoid it at all costs in favo(u)r of Manly Beach. As a newcomer, I think that Bondi is gorgeous, I mean- look at it. It’s got a huge span of actual beach space and the water is a clear blue-green. There are also heaps of surfers who take their sport quite seriously and partake in it every month of the year- temperature be damned. The people watching is top notch and as with the rest of all things Australian, it’s all very live-and-let-live.


As an added bonus, there is a SWEET little market on Sundays- it’s my favorite market so far- better than Kirribilli and better than Paddo. I may have dropped a bit of cashola there this past Sunday- not telling.

Soon, I’ll share photos of the beach we consider to be our local, Balmoral.




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