Less choice. Its good for me.

Australia has 10% of the population of America, and 80% of the land mass. Its a gorgeous country. Wild. Desolate. Casual? Yes. But they don’t suffer fools easily.

After I got used to having to use the damn metric system here – everything is sold in kilograms, (and in grams that are less than that)…300 grams of bacon rashers / grouper / “minced” pork …yah, more on that later….anyhoo- the metric system is really sensible- seriously, why has the US not adopted it?? It totally makes sense. I had to deal with the lack of choices.

So, here, in New South Wales, which is the State in Australia that Sydney is in, where I live, the grocery stores are not stuffed with processed foods. And canned veggies. And frozen Hungry Man meals. At first, that really moved my cheese. And speaking of cheese, there is no extra sharp cheddar. But there is “tasty cheese.” And my favorite- “Extra Bitey tasty cheese…” How descriptive is that? I love it. But you know what? These economies of scale (this term would surely scar my Economist husband) have taught me to be less wasteful and more purposeful. For the first time in my life, I can prepare a meal based on what is in the fridge, no recipe.

I’ve decided that I don’t need 70 options of soap. And 50 options of deodorant. And 100 options of conditioner. Heading to Priceline makes my life MUCH easier. Conditioner for my dry colo(u)red hair? There are 5. Sweet. I can choose from 5. Easy. Done. Check.

It’s funny, how we grow. How we learn to appreciate things that we used to see as limitations. As boundaries. How will you grow this year? How will you view the things that are in your life that you see as limiting your freedom or your choices?


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