Dropped the dogs off at camp today for the next 10 days. They were SO excited to go- I pulled out the blue beds we use for camp and they went ape-shit. They know what those blue beds mean. The place I take them is all small dogs, no cages, play-play-play. For my little man who loves to eat poo, it’s like Duff’s Smorgasbord. (Anyone remember that place off of Jimmy Carter Blvd back in the 80’s?) Pug poo, Poodle poo, Pomeranian poo– you get my drift.

Trevor zoomed off without a backward glance, right into the fray with new and old friends. (See ya, mom, you can go now…..seriously, GO.) Got home about noon and went about the rest of my day with no dogs.


It’s so strange. I really kind of hate it. No little waggy tails or adoring eyes and my entourage is gone. I’ll never be without dogs. How do people do it? And why would you want to?

So, thanks Small Paws. Take good care of my babies. (And don’t kiss Trevor on the mouth.)

*And the reason that Thor is missing from the photo? Because he is always ALWAYS within 10 inches of me. Completely all up in my grill, and I’m good with that.



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