Bali Belly


The dreaded Bali Belly found our corner of Seminyak this morning, and gave me a super gift: that of repeated upchucking. 4am, again at 7am then every hour on the hour until we had to get in the car to drive to our next destination- Ubud- which is where we are now. Once in the car, my schedule moved up to every 30 minutes. Nothing like puking on the side of the road into gutters and trash bags. Dislike. The driver, bless his heart, suggested “the lady like to go to town clinic?” and offered to go that way. YES, PLEASE. I also think that he began touching the offering on the dash, likely sending a silent message to his gods that the lady not hurl in his car.

Once we were all out of the car and in the clinic, R stayed with me, and our traveling mates, B and P, went on ahead to the new villa with our luggage to get things settled in. My blood pressure is low to begin with, but in situations of stress, it tends to drop to the point that my pallor takes on an appearance similar to that of a person who has not once been exposed to daylight. Double digit puking will do that to a gal.

It took em four tries to get the needle in me for the IV saline drip. FOUR. “Veins to small. Veins flat from de no watah inside body.”

Finally, and I do mean finally, line was in, they gave me the anti- nausea injection, some heavy duty probiotics, the worst tasting concoction of electrolyte solution evah and something else that I have no idea what it was. Began falling in and out of sleep, and suddenly we’ve been there 5 hours (slow drip IV.)

As we were just about to be picked up for the ride to the resort -BOOM- bali belly claims another- Guess who. Luckily we were already there and he didn’t need a line inserted, and that mattress was big enough for two. We were there another three hours.

Eventually all 4 of us succumbed to that curse, in varying degrees of intensity. We still haven’t narrowed it down to what it was- the food? Water? Beer? Suffice it to say, we are all being extremely careful about what goes in, and using hand sanitizer ( which I don’t really believe in) like it’s life force. Here’s to hoping for a better next 3 days.


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