Bridg and Stan

I didn’t get a photo, dammit. We were too busy having a good time.

In my work in animal rescue, I have been SO lucky to meet some of the coolest people. Honestly. Bridg and Stan, who are my parent’s age, adopted a little girl from us at DREAM named Lucy several years ago. I coordinated the adoption, and we hit it off. We’ve kept in touch. Lucy went to the rainbow bridge last year, after those last years of her life were filled with travel, kisses, fine dining, and many nicknames. Lucy, the blind dog with “selective hearing” was one lucky-ducky girl to have ended up in their home. And that’s how B and S  roll- they adopt the ones that are “difficult-to-adopt.” Not that I’m sure why they would be difficult- Good Lord, those babies are so grateful(!) and worship the ground you walk upon- like you invented rawhide or something. Want to experience the God-Complex? Adopt a senior. Or a handicapped dog. Or a dog that has lived in puppy mill its whole life….etc. But I digress.

Bridg contacted me months ago- they were headed to Sydney! On a fab cruise from here around the continent and to NZ. Lovely! Could I recommend some places for them to visit as they would be staying in MY fair city for 3 nights before the ship set sail from Circular Quay (that’s prononced KEY, people) Ummm, yes. I can. And I practically mandated that they come over for dinner at Casa de Carruth. Bridg was excited- lots of wiener dog lovin’ to keep her bucket full, and when I mentioned that we’d have a mixed grill of steak and ‘roo- she wondered if I was serious. I was. They loved it- Stan said he preferred it to beef, as a matter of fact.

Funny thing, when I called them at their hotel the night they arrived, they both sounded looney. High, if you will. The many houred trip from Atlanta had been brutal. BRUTAL. She asked that night if we’d have ‘koala bear soup”- she was joking of course. But as I’ve learned here, only Americans say “koala bear.” So, do as the locals do, and say “koala.” (You’re welcome.)

Besides my [awesome] parents, Bridg and Stan are our first / only visitors. I can’t express how delightful it was to have them here. Truly. Besides the ‘roo, I “made” them eat pavlova, take the ferry to our house and buy screw top wine.

I hope to see you here too. You know who you are. Planes fly East AND West.

And to you, B and S- I say, Mercury?



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