So, one thing that is really hard about moving somewhere completely new is the minutiae that bombards you at the beginning.  Have you ever thought about that? Cell phone plan. Finding a dentist. Learning how to tell a taxi how to get to your house. Finding a gyno. For me, a lot of it had to do with the dogs. Y’all know how I am.

I found a boarding place. Small dogs only. No cages. Heating and AC. Big yard, play with friends. Huge relief. Phew, we can travel.           

Found an in home service– potty breaks, dog walker, provider of lovin’ and nom-nom’s. Seriously, Summer has been a bridge to so many good things for the C-dogs. She even referred me to Kirsty, who gives Thor his Vidal Sassoon locks.

She also referred me to Adrienne (did I mention that EVERYONE goes by their first name here?- You even call your physician by their first name, after a year and a half I’m finally able to do it…) Anyway, Adrienne is the dog’s vet. Thank goodness, cause I’m not a real easy client. I’ve learned a few things about vetting and medication and procedure over the years of rescue (LOTS of vetting)  and I’m a bit more prepared  than probably the typical client would be. I ask why and why not and how. Adrienne is not daunted by my questions and opinions. She is not thrown off by Trevor’s growls and posturing- “he’s got great teeth”, she says. (As he bares them to her. )

Anyway, the T-man is going in tomorrow to have a little surgical procedure. I’m trusting Adrienne with my boy- my little dog soulmate. We’re pulling up his water and food tonight so that when he undergoes the anesthesia, he doesn’t have anything in his belly to come back up again. (This means I have to eagle eye him to make sure he doesn’t “help” me pick up the poo, know what I mean?)

If you’re so inclined, some good mojo would sure be appreciated.



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