So this week…..

T. had elevated liver enzymes last week, so he wasn’t able to undergo anesthesia. (THIS, is why you pay for pre-anesthetic blood tests people- it’s really NOT a racket…)  Adrienne (his doctah)  gave him an antibiotic injection (Convenia- it’s AMAZING- do you have it in America? Long acting and focused. —It cleared up the Meems’ UTI justlikethat. Ask your vet-) and he will go back tomorrow for a retest. If levels are down, he’s good to go, and will have his eye surgery. If not, we’ll go from there. Shhhh. I’m not ready to face what happens if we are “not.” Have I mentioned how much I love that boy? Seriously, I.LOVE.THAT.DAMN.DOG.

And I’m not the only one. *Throat clearing noise…..


BUT this is not what I was thinking of initially when I started this post!!!! Focus, woman, focus

__________  ______________  _______________  ______________  _______  ______________

The hubs has been working HARD. Like seriously, days and nights and weekends. Tonight (long story I will spare you here- -and you are welcome) he was supposed to go for lawn bowls, which is a very Australian thing that we have come to love here- at the club in our neigbourhood (Neutral Bay Club, hollah!!) But, alas, the weather had different ideas, and the bowls were not to be, as it is impossible, even for Aussies, to bowl in the pouring rain.

So. We went to NBC anyway- cause, ya know, they have a kitchen there, and very cheap wine- plus, the Carruth kitchen was closed (mama had a busy day- no cooking.) And the place was completely packed. Cause it’s Wednesday- who knew-  and they are doing TRIVIA!!!! I wish I had had my camera, because I am all about making a picture for y’all to see, but I left my phone at home. On accident.

Hello, and the pot was…..(drumroll)……$450 buckaroonies!!!!!

So, there  were several questions that pertained to the US- as in they showed a map of America with a circled state of Michigan (what’s the state??- the table next to us guessed Georgia- bless their hearts…), lots of questions that involved clues with Presidents. So. We have decided that we will go back with a cross-cultural representation of our friends to answer the trivia questions and win that pot.

Hubs and I will take America. We need Australia, probably Europe and then “rest of the world.” Strategerie. It’s all about planning to win. Cause you have to plan on that.





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