I’d post a photo, but Ryan and Thor have already taken out the bin as the rubbish collectors come on Tuesday am.

So, just imagine- oblong minced meat mass with a stick in it.

I’m all for trying new things. Hopefully it will stave off the Alzheimer’s that runs in my family.

As one would- and should- expect when relocating, food is different here. I try as much as I can. When in Rome, you know.

Thumbs up:  Beets. Laksa. Kiwi Berries. Rock Melon. Pavlova. Haloumi. Tim Tams. Mascarpone pizza. Seaweed salad.

Thumbs down: Vegemite. Balsamic. Kimchi, Pickled ginger. And what I had picked up to cook for dinner tonight- Lemongrass Chilli Pork Skewers. Sounded pretty good, maybe in the spirit of novelty- but ewwww. I actually threw away the leftovers. And I am ALL about having leftovers for lunch. (Work smarter, not harder, right?) Way too lemongrassy.

So, this was a fail. Big time. But two steps forward, one step back. No idea what’s for dinner tomorrow night. Hubs has tennis, so we may just partake of the menu at the club. Mama may need a night off, I reckon.






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