..of the BASEBALL bat that is. It was heard throughout the hallowed SCG this week, and the stands were PACKED, y’all. You have to understand, little boys don’t grow up with baseball here. If it’s not footie or cricket, it’s just not happenin’

Lookie here-


They even had some right hand drive Mustangs queued up, cause why not?


This is, hands down, the best sports event I’ve ever been to, (and the hubs has dragged me to taken me to quite a few.)

It was such an amazing atmosphere- electric- alive – momentous. They even imported the clay from the US (which they are now auctioning off, by the way.) Aussies love sport, they love a wager, they love competition and they are up for anything that is a good time. These were not cheap tickets- slightly south of $400 each and like I said, sold out, so Aussies are willing to pony up for an experience. I love that about them. (I love so much about them.)

We stood for the American Anthem, and then for the Australian Anthem. Hats off, of course. Music to my ears.

Standing in the (ludicrously LONG) line for merchandise, (it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to shanking someone over the LAST shirt…but lucky for HER I got it….) I got into a chat with some fellow Americans. Huge Dodgers fans. Instead of season tickets this year, they had flown out to Sydney for the beginning of the series- a “once in a lifetime experience” in their eyes. Apparently, there were planes and planes full of Americans who had traveled out and done the same thing. Very cool. It was almost odd to hear so much of that accent.


Then there was the food. (They said it was going to be American food………. bless their hearts.)

They had Bar-B-Q (as in meat with red sauce which is completely different than BBQ here, which just means GRILLED.) This woulda never been considered Bar-B-Q south of the Mason-Dixon Line. But three cheers for trying, hey?

They had ginormous hot dogs, seriously they were “2 feet” came in a special carry case, and they were FORTY DOLLARS.


They put the words up to “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” and we all sang our lungs out.

ImageAnd we happened to be sitting next to the lovliest people- Nicole and her son Jack, who just happens to have signed with the Minnesota Twins(!!!) on his 18th birthday! We chatted with them the whole game- traded shouts–  and as they were here from Brisbane- we took them with us when we had an after game celebratory celebration in Paddington. I asked Nicole how she was going to feel about having an American daughter-in-law cause those girls are going to be ALL over Jack- he is SO cute, so polite and mannered, plus the accent? D-U-N.

  This is the hubs, our good friend Matthew, Jack and moi.


Like I said, we had amazing seats, and they had these stickers on the back of them. So I peeled one off, and I stuck it to the back of the program that we bought for my dad.

Who me, what??Image

I heard some things that made me smile- a lot and it was an all in all fantastic day….here’s a sampling.

“Nah, mate. The fifth inning is halftime.”

“it’s like aerial ping-pong, for the love of God, but those Americans are good blokes.”


**Last we heard, they are talking about doing it again in 4 years. Start saving your pennies now.





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