I don’t get all caught up in royalty, but George? I like ’em. You see how he is wearing a sweater (okokokokOKAY, a JUMPER) with his name on it? Yah,  lets face it- that’s the baby version of a MONOGRAM. And it’s grey. The best colo(u)r evah. So flattering. Ticks all of the  boxes.

But the best part is. Do you see how he’s looking so lovingly, so adoringly at the dog? The dog’s name is Lupo, by the way. Dogs have always been inner circle to the royals. Non-judgmental. Hush-hush. Let’s face it. George is a boy after my own heart. As long as the dog is there- it’s all good. And, really, isn’t it? You don’t need the crown jewels to realize that.



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