Tan Po Po

There’s a place right up from us on Military Road that does a mean bento, Tan Po Po Japenese. So I walked up there tonight and sat at a table and ordered and ate. Leisurely. Just me. Me and my Kindle and my BYO wine.  I always choose the karaage chicken and the beef tataki. Rice, sashimi, miso soup, and prawn (shrimp) tempura is standard. It’s fresh and delicious and they do a banging business. Cash only- one of those places. 20140516-192646.jpg

And as I watched people walk by, and go about their Friday night business, I was thankful for the appreciation of my own company. Call me an introvert, I am- it’s nothing I don’t know about myself- I consider it strength of character to go and just BE. Alone. There is so much to be learned from it.  Last night, I was having a chat with a friend, and we were talking about this very thing. People who don’t feel comfortable going out for a meal by themselves. Bless their hearts- they’re missing out. It’s not about passively watching the world go by. It’s about watching that world- as an observer full of curious scrutiny and learning what’s there and where you fit in. Decide. Plan. Be purposeful.

So tonight, I walked up, had a nice glass of something spirited and took my Kindle with me- a book just aching to be read. Here was my view: photo(3)

Now, I’m back at home. On my cozy striped sofa. Wiener dogs snuggling. Girls on the TV. (Love Lena Dunham- you just KNOW she eats dinner alone sometimes.) And best of all, hubs is back from a rather long business trip in about 21 minutes.

How about you. Do you enjoy your own company?


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