The middle finger

It’s universal, y’all!!


I got my first bird today! And it was actually kind of adorable. Cause it was the mom style bird- the one where you have to hold the other fingers down with your thumb because of a general lack of coordination? So cute.


And full or kismet, “kismetic” if you will. (It’s my blog and I can make up words if I want…) but more on that in a minute.

So, yah. Driving home from work.


You should know that Sydney drivers are quite polite. They use their blinkers religiously. They allow people to merge by actually slowing down. They don’t pull that crap where they ride up to the end of an ending lane and try and sneak over like an a-hole.

So for a minute, as I was driving home, in the cocoon of my car- listening to my music, I didn’t think about being in Sydney. And was on auto-pilot like I was in Atlanta. No self-respecting Atlantan lets anyone in. In fact, we’ll speed up just to TEACH YOU A DAMN LESSON!!!! HOW DARE you merge????

So, I was right about here, as shown in the photo, exiting to get home when I was able to pull up and see the bird flicker…..


And I SWEAR on my life, this bird flicker, the lady who gave me the gestural “eff-you” was an older lady WITH A DACHSHUND RIDING ON HER LAP.

I’ll bet you a million dollars, she got that dachshund from a damn breeder. Bless her heart.




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