Gut check.

A friend recently mentioned to me that I may be a bit too passionate about my passion. She did it gently, sweetly. After several glasses of wine. When she knew my reflexes were slower. 


And honestly, I’ve been thinking about it A LOT since then. Like, seriously. A lot. Soul searching is always good- for the soul. And the heart. And the mind. 

So, am I? Am I a zealot? 


We euthanize 30,000 dogs a DAY in America. Officially. But you can be sure the numbers are in actuality much higher than that.


If you know me, you know that I am an avid, educated, experienced and consistent rescue supporter. I’ve never been an in-your-face, picket-sign carrying, human-chain blocking , spittle coming out the side of my mouth Greenpeace / PETA style lunatic. There is a line, and I’ve not crossed it. One catches more bees with honey. But I’ve seen the rawness of it, believe you me, and it is sometimes all I can do to soft sell it. 


So I thought about it, and again, some more. And then even more. And I’ve been doing my research. And you know what? I’m going to keep on encouraging adoption. And discouraging breeding. And not praising puppies that come from questionable sources. Puppy farms exist in Australia too. Believe that, people.


Today I ran some errands after work, and was gobsmacked to see a store selling puppies. Like in display cases. Fat, gorgeous, sloppy precious puppies for way too much money from (almost certainly) factory farming operations. It’s a proper BUSINESS, people. Google puppy mills. Look up puppy farms. Ugly, ugly, ugly. 

And as far as going directly to the breeder? To create demand for yet another puppy when there is an “overstock” already- there are little canine souls, already here just waiting for someone to CHOOSE THEM. Talk about grateful. Thankful. Loyal for life. 


So, to that friend, I say thank you. And, truly, I do mean it. A gut check you gave me, and that’s a precious gift.

I’ll not compromise my principles for the sake of harmony or for the sake of someone else’s moral comfort, and I would never expect that of anyone else. Knowing that I’ve got this in me feels really really good.

I’ll be a voice for them. I’ll be reasonable, I’ll be thoughtful, I’ll be approachable. But I’ll never approve of something I don’t believe in.

Bliss is knowing who you are. And who you aren’t.



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