Volu-cation: Destination Sri Lanka

Tomorrow, we leave for Sri Lanka. We’ll be having a “volu-cation.” You know what that means? It means you’re a sucker, and you pay to go and work somewhere. On your holiday. No AC. RURAL. “It’s an authentic experience.”


We’ve gotten our shots, malaria pills, beefed up our first aid kit, bought a medical grade water filter and head torches, borrowed a GoPro (thank you, Traci!), secured our visas, double checked our travel insurance, charged our devices and arranged for the C-dogs to be at camp.


We arrive in Colombo at midnight after 14.5 hours of flying and will go straight to our hotel on the Indian ocean. We’ll be collected the next day to go to our accommodation in the jungle- cue angels singing — the Elephant Freedom Project!!!!


Last week, I went to Kmart and bought all of our travel clothes- shirts, socks, shoes, ‘roos, swimmers, shorts- everything. We will leave it all behind and it will be much loved and appreciated by the local people. We also bought chocolate, stickers and pencils, Kikuyu grass seed and dog supplies. In addition to working with the elephants, we’ll be working with the local school, having cooking classes, learning about spices and tea, and of course laughing our butts off with our friends from America that will be meeting us (look for some co-blogs coming soon.)


One thing we will not be doing is riding the elephants, as they believe that elephants should not be used for servitude. Those poor souls have an unhappy life, nothing more than circus monkeys, kept for the pleasure of people whilst basically few of their needs are considered and catered for.

Hoping to change some minds, and educate those not in the know as I go along on my journey next week.

And yes, I will be sucking out every ounce of comfort from the Virgin Australia Lounge that I possibly can before we depart. I mean, duh.




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