Sri Lanka: Volucation, day 3

It’s hot here, y’all and I mean not-for-the-faint-of-heart H.O.T .
Yesterday was our first full day of work. We woke up and had brekkie as a group. Besides Hubs and I, there are our friends from America who met us here, 2 French and a Dane. We are staying in a big house that’s on the property with a lovely host family. It’s basic accommodation – no hot water, no AC, bunk beds with mosquito nets, sometimes we see a critter or two inside and last night I saw a spider that puts the huntsmen in Australia to shame.
After brekkie, we trekked over to the elephant enclosure to say good morning to Sujee and Washtu, the 2 Asian elephants here. We took out their poop, threw it on a canvas bag and carried it to the pile of poop already there. The thing about elepoo, it’s barely processed. It’s basically a (big) ball of compressed vegetation. They dry it and use it to make paper and also use it as mulch for the Eco garden. It’s honestly not so bad. I see worse at work.

After poop patrol, we were off for a 2 hour walk together. We went along the streets to a more secluded area without a paved road. In the sun. In the hot blazing sun.

The elephants walk and eat, walk and eat. We snap photos and steal feels along the way. The mahouts cut banana trees which are full of water and the ele’s chow down.
After the walk, we came back to the house for tea before we went to the river to wash the ele’s. They lie down and we scrub them all over with coconut shells. It’s like a spa for them

For us, the hard work wasn’t over, we were off to the Eco garden to weed, build new planters and mulch them with poo.
I may have sweat more than I have in my entire life. That river that the elephants had been spa-ing in was looking very very nice.


After the day was over, we sat on the porch playing cards, having gin and tonics and catching up. And napping.


We went to bed by 9:30, sleeping like the dead with the oscillating fans going full speed and the windows open to the moonlight. After a cold shower, it was actually quite comfy and I needed the sheet. Looking forward to what’s in store for work day 2.


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