Less = More.

Gosh, y’all. I’m really trying to be all about THIS.


Quality over quantity. I really do believe in that.

The present and the now. This moment.

Have less, but have better. Have more meaningful. Have more dear (that’s Aussie for ‘expensive’) – but have it last longer and really please you more. You want Chanel? Then pass on the Target impulse buys. It’s hard, but you know what, you can do it. It makes for grumpiness at first. But then, like exercise, it feels gooooooooooood. Cause you are the boss of you.

Be satisfied and feel in control. Financially and emotionally and resources-wise.

Spread it to slowly to other areas of your life.

Job, food, social.

Practice and know you will have moments of weakness. Forgive yourself, then get right back on that horse.

Repeat and repeat some more.


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