Live while you’re living.

We had a gorgeous sunny day here in Sydney- perhaps we really are on the tail end of winter.

On such a glorious Saturday, Ryan and I decided to jump in the car and head 80 km’s up Central Coast to Avoca Beach where there is a big ole dog friendly off leash beach. Sydney is surprisingly stingy with its dog friendly beaches, and despite the laid back Aussie attitude that prevails, that attitude does not extend to dogs- I still haven’t figured out why. It’s very much this way when it comes to housing as well. (We are VERY fortunate with our special living situation. Y’all know I wasn’t about to go anywhere without my furry babies.)

Here she is…..the Queen. Front row seat. “Mama, we’re almost there!!! Where we going???”


“Mama, I love you and papa, thank you for bringing me to the SAND!!!!”

Anyway, we took the Meems to the beach, and the boys stayed at home. Mimi loves the sand. Her feet touch it and you can see the dawning on her face- her expression changes and she is 5 years old again. Her ears flap in the breeze like tiny furry kites and there is absolutely no way that a person could see the way her lips pull back from her teeth and not call it a smile. She runs around on that beach circling back and forth between Ryan and I, putting that famed doxie sniffer to task. No one believes me when I tell them she’s 14.

IMG_9264Maybe a little too much walking for these midget legs, so …..papa carries the Queen…….

IMG_9284Passed out on the way back home…..What a great day.




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