Less = More.

Gosh, y’all. I’m really trying to be all about THIS. Quality over quantity. I really do believe in that. The present and the now. This moment. Have less, but have better. Have more meaningful. Have more dear (that’s Aussie for ‘expensive’) – but have it last longer and really please you more. You want Chanel? […]

Tan Po Po

There’s a place right up from us on Military Road that does a mean bento, Tan Po Po Japenese. So I walked up there tonight and sat at a table and ordered and ate. Leisurely. Just me. Me and my Kindle and my BYO wine.  I always choose the karaage chicken and the beef tataki. […]

Adventures at Bunnings

Went to Bunnings today (Aussie Home Depot) for some Latex primer / sealer. I’m standing in the paint section. Scanning. Searching.Bunnings Guy: “You going okay?” Me: “Actually, I’m looking for latex primer?”                                                                                                                                           BG: [Look of serious concern on his face] “Lay.Tex……. Primer? You want to paint latex? Don’t reckon we have any primer that will […]